Haley Reinhart’s official website: www.haleyreinhart.com

This website was created to share all recent Haley news with her fans, by her fans!

Thank you to each and every one of you who reads, supports, comments on, and shares my website. I truly appreciate all of your support so much! 

Read more about me in my “Halien of the Month” interview for haleyreinhart.com

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  1. I have watched haley on you tube so often I have got to be one of her biggest fans.I also have her CD from american idol and Listen Up. Great by the way. Not only is her vocals really good but she is compelling to watch.American Idol has missed out by not having her on as a guest act.She can sing any genre of music better than anyone .They should promote the talent they introduced to Idol fans. Keep working it girl.

    1. I totally agree.Haley has more raw talent than any performer I’ve seen. She can do it all: sing, (any genre better than the original artist), yodel, growl, and even whistle and be a trumpet (Steamroller with Casey). Plus she has incredible stage presence, she is a joy to watch and listen to. I simply cannot understand why she isn’t more well known. I’m hoping she becomes a contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

  2. Yep, I’m totally in agreement with Kathy Krebs. After episode 1 of idols I had marked Haley as a winner – albeit not of the show but as one of life’s winners. South Africa loves you.

  3. dear hailey reinhart who lives in la sometime ihope you come and see andy cason suppperclub too ccking class your friend andy

  4. dear hailey reinhart ihope you come too the ps pub in wheeling on hallloween your friend andy because for hallloween iamgoing tooo bee abana for Halloween andy

  5. My Favorite little Singer Haley, I have followed you since idol too, and buy anything you put out , the last being from postmodern jukebox. Waiting on your new ep . You just seem to get better and better ( if that’s even possible ) keep up the good work , and thank you for entertaining your fans. We Luv u. And I Luv this page thank you whoever made it 🙂 I’m gonna go listen to u again , can’t get enough of your voice, stuck on Creep right now lol but I do jump around. Huggs Linda

  6. Love her voice, love her body language and interpretations! Next time you see her you could suggest a gig with “tower of power” that group would really suit her style :D. Greetings from Germany, waiting for the next PMJ-Tour to central europe

  7. Je l’ai découvert avec la reprise des Whites Stripes et celle de Radiohead par le biais d’un d’ami et je suis tomber sous le “charme” tout de suite un peu comme Janis Joplin a l’époque ou plus récemment Amy Winehouse sa voix, ces interprétations,son charisme sa façon de chanter tout en sensualités et avec un feeling qui est bien là ! le coté Swing Jazz Pop Soul influencer par les Fifties,Sixties et Seventies,un régal ,de plus elle sait s’entourer de musiciens et autre chanteuses par moment, de haut niveau et qui joue bien dans le ton et arrangements impeccables .( je pense quelle peu faire encore mieux dans le futur même dans d’autres genres Blues ,Rock,Rythm Blues,reprises diverses ! )
    Bien sur aussi elle est sublime dans toutes ces tenues de scène et aussi sur ces photos !
    je rêve de la voir en concert en France et a Paris car j’habite tout prés de la capitale !!!
    Peut-être un jour ? on verra en attendant je l’écoute et regarde ces “clips” Bravo Haley un grand Fan Français Amitiés !!

  8. I would tweet this to you but I don’t have a twitter account even though your twitter (and website) is my go-to place for Haley news. Anyways, you can delete this but I found who will be singing CHFIL tonight, here is her instagram post about it… https://instagram.com/p/9mDdSjFZ8V/
    Not Haley unfortunately 😦
    P.S. Thank you for all you do for Haley!

  9. Bonjour merci, je suis un “Fan Français” de Haley et je suis ces activités sur sa Page Facebook et s’y j’ai bien compris Rachel tu as créer ce site pour faire partager ta passion pour cette Artiste ! Très bonne initiative et je suis sur quelle apprécie !!! Amitiés de France Hervé !!!! ( Tu peut d’ailleurs m’envoyer une “Invite” sur mon Compte et Page Facebook :hervé flotterer )

  10. dear hailey reinhart sometime you should come and see some music at rocky venders in prospect heights your friend andy

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