Haley Reinhart debuts Hitkor’s Live Music streaming service in spectacular fashion

Immediate report after watching Haley Reinhart streaming special live on new service Hitkor:

Hopefully you guys got to see Haley Reinhart’s streaming show with Hitkor, a Gala to roll out the latest live music streaming service, IMO easily the best streaming of Haley performing live I have ever seen. Cry Me a River, Honey There’s The Door, STRANGE WORLD WITH AN ORCHESTRA!, My Baby Just Cares for Me (Haley’s description of Jeff is hilarious) and the coup de grace, a stunning performance of Blue Skies w/ incredible Ella vibes, Haley’s scatting was INSANE I hope she does more of these shows. It was really nice to see Haley performing in front of an orchestra with high quality production and sound. A bargain for $10 if you used the discount code to get $5 off.

Tony Succar and The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra opened the stream for the night as the program listed some of features their service including spatial audio in between acts. Other upgrades the service provide includes a function where you can choose to view from which camera angle you want to watch the performance from. I didn’t buy the upgrade, but will update if someone who did tells me what that was like

The Only downside was there could’ve been more Haley, but the whole production was top notch, great camera angles, Haley sounded and Looked fantastic.

Hitkor tweeted that the show will be up to rewatch 24 hours after the live broadcast https://twitter.com/officialhitkor/status/1652543347003621376?s=20

There was an interview before the show began, a pretty great interview Haley was glowing. The host knew Haley from Season 10, Haley’s Season on American Idol, when he warmed up the audience before the telecast. There was a familiarity and Haley answered a variety of questions including about her influences, how she felt about her recent tour and the upcoming one.

Interview Hightlights:

  • Haley discusses receiving her Double Platinum award for her “Can’t Help Falling in Love” cover.
  • Discusses American Idol “Star Bootcamp”, know exactly who you are, what makes you ‘authentic’ as an artist.
  • Haley gives her parents most credit for their encouragement, ‘street smarts’ and musicality.
  • Haley’s vocal versatility challenging the industry by not sticking to one genre. “I Can’t Pick One. Hopes to do a full Jazz album soon.
  • Early inspirations, “I listen to just about everything…Ella’s, Billie’s all the way to the Dusty Springfields, & Janis Joplins, jazz/rock and roll all the above, 60’s/70’s primarily is my favorite stuff”
  • Discusses the tour, stamina and pacing, a favorite stop on the tour was in New Orleans at the House of Blues
  • Favorite moment of Idol was singing with and interviewing Tony Bennett, thinking back on Idol.
  • Favorite hometown places to perform include Park West and PS pub near where she used to grow up
  • Advice to Young Haley: “Have no fear, don’t let doubt creep in as you get older”.
  • Discusses Creep (See editorial about ‘the story of Creep’ below)..
  • Discusses finding music & technology in the past (vinyl) and the future (Haley loves Shazam) and the reach of the internet to reach fans around the world.


  • I’m Gonna Live Till I Die
  • Strange World
  • My Baby Just Cares For Me
  • Cry Me a River
  • Honey, There’s the Door
  • Blue Skies

For PMJ Creep fans, Haley officially answers an often mischaracterized ‘fact’ about the recording of their iconic cover of “Creep”: PMj had just done five shows on the road across Europe and she was feeling a little tired But she felt it was that she wasn’t feeling 100% that gave her that extra tug of emotion she needed for the performance.

“It’s been five shows, I’m pretty tired, I don’t know about this one….when it comes to those kinds of performances, I always give it 100% but I think emotionally, I was in a different place and really challenging something because I didn’t feel quite 100%, as far as being tired. It’s always really unique because I get to take my own stab and do the vocal arrangement…we’d only done it a few times on the road before that video. Alot of it is very jazz, very impromptu”

I recall OG Haliens were eagerly tracking Haley’s progress at the time through Casey Abrams because Haley barely did much social media while on tour. Casey sent many snapchats about he and Haley w/ PMJ in Europe Including some from the day they recorded Creep


Casey Abrams Snapchat the day Haley Reinhart recorded Creep in Zurich Switzerland with Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox

This is how it happened as I remembered it: Haley left the US on a red eye to Germany, went straight to the Lido in Berlin to join PMJ to sing Habits and a line from All About That Bass.

Haley Reinhart’s first live tour performance with Postmodern Jukebox at the Lido Berlin, Germany, courtesy of XAtlantic

The following week leading to their day off to record “Creep” in Zurich, they were on the road performing across Europe. I remember it being 6 shows in 7 days, but in the Hitkor interview, Haley said 5 shows, while on the road. Haley was never ‘ill’ or ‘sick’ on the day they recorded “Creep”. She was tired from going non stop as soon as she set foot in Berlin, but she believes it was because she wasn’t fully rested it was what gave the performance that extra bit of emotion she pulled from in her performance of that now 116 million viewed masterpiece. -HaleysTusk

Creep #MythDebunked Screenshots #Kindred #Miguel

Haley Reinhart officially receives her Double Platinum award for “Can’t Help Falling in Love” (video)

Haley Reinhart was surprised with a special package when she returned home from her longest US tour to date playing over 30 shows supporting her newest EP, “Off The Ground”. Haley posted the video of her opening the package, revealing her plaque for her now official Double Platinum selling Elvis cover, “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, and sharing the moment with her family on her phone.

“Words won’t do it justice here, but I have been waiting for this moment for YEARS. I’ve been working very hard to get certified platinum because I’ve had faith in knowing that it’s reached that status for years now… Well, it turns out my intuition was right. And not only is it platinum like I thought, but double platinum now. This goes far beyond a plaque or the plaques that I will receive for this recognition. My tears come from a deep place in my heart filled with pride and gratitude after what has been over a decades time of grinding my way to this very moment.

This accomplishment proves to me that all my hard work has been validated, heard, and seen. As an INDEPENDENT artist, with no manager, I have to say… This feels f*cking INCREDIBLE. Waiting on my certification in the U.S. now… Until then, I’ll be gushing over this #canadian#doubleplatinum ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥”

Haley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love” story began as one of many breaks that fell into place in 2015, from joining Postmodern Jukebox at the beginning of the year, scoring a viral hit with her cover of “Creep” with PMJ during her first professional tour of Europe, which lead to Haley coming onto the radar of folks putting together an advertising campaign for Wrigley’s Extra Gum. Scott Bradlee, PMJ founder, wrote in his book Wrigley’s reached out to get Haley’s contact information for the ad campaign after hearing her rendition of PMJ’s now 113+ million view video.

Haley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” received a Gold certification in April of 2017, then in 2018, it had been announced the single had hit Platinum by the RIAA, but was shortly pulled after that for unknown reasons, possibly because of a mix up counting streaming equivalence to sales. Since then fans have cautiously been mentioning CHFIL’s platinum status even without official proof.

Haley’s receiving of her Double Platinum award finally confirms the song’s popularity and Platinum status, a significant accomplishment for Haley as an independent artist. That the song came into popularity because it was requested for radio play from fans hearing the commercial, and not pushed by Music Industry Money, makes the award especially meaningful for Haley as an independent artist.

Haley Reinhart Interview and Mic Check performance from Dosey Doe’s in Woodlands Texas

Haley Reinhart takes a break to speak with Dosey Doe’s Gabe Leal, an interview posted on Woodlands Online website. Haley talks about her influences both Female and Male, talks about her tour and touring bands. An added bonus, the interview starts off with Haley performing “The Wind Cries Mary” at mic check before the show.

Watch the interview: https://www.woodlandsonline.com/vmps/videolisting.cfm?vdoid=5963

Just posted a performance of Haley’s original from her 2019 album #LoFiSoul at Dosey Doe’s in Houston, Texas

The #OffTheGround Tour continues, check dates and venues at https://www.haleyreinhart.com/events

Haley Reinhart 2023 #OffTheGround Tour kicks off this Sunday, adds more dates. Haley also scores a #Superbowl ad sync with a familiar cover

Haley Reinhart kicks off her 2023 Tour season in Phoenix, this Sunday, February 19 at the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum). Haley loved the addition of horns to her band for her show at the Troubadour that she announced her touring band will also be carrying a small brass section. The tour has added shows in New Hampshire, New Jersey, Connecticut & New York, check haleyreinhart.com/events to see if they’ve added a venue near you

A nice surprise greeted #Halien Superbowl watchers as they heard Haley Reinhart’s cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” play on an ad during the Big Game . The ad features a grandmother trying to teach her newborn grandchild how to sign “Grandma”, reacting with glee when her grandchild returns her gesture. The tag line, “It’s never too early to learn Love”. Haley’s Elvis cover began as a 2015 Wrigley’s ad campaign that eventually won several Clio in advertising, forced radio play and eventually earned Haley her first Gold/Platinum single. It seems there is life after the award winning gum commercial ‘that makes you cry’. Congrats Haley!

Haley Reinhart announces 2023 Tour!

Following Haley Reinhart’s successful tour of the Midwest promoting her new EP “Off The Ground”, Haley has just announced a new leg of the tour this time visiting mostly Eastern and Southern cities but also including dates in Arizona.

Check out Haley’s Instagram to see if the tour is coming near you. If you don’t see your city, check back periodically to HaleyReinhart.com to look for any updates.

Haley also recently performed a Christmas Concert with the US Air Force Band including a tour of the Barracks in San Antonio, Texas

Haley Reinhart announces video for “Lovesick” & “Americana” short movie debut 11/21/22

Haley Reinhart just announced the debut of the music video for her “Lo-Fi Soul” track “Lovesick”.

The “Lovesick” video was filmed during the production of Joshua Schultz’ short movie “Americana” in which Haley has a role as “Sue”

“The short film directed by @joshuashultz will also debut on Monday! A link to the short will be in the description on my YouTube page.

Joshua Shultz has been a long time collaborator directing some of Haley’s music videos like “Shook” and “Honey There’s the Door” as well as photographing many of Haley’s photoshoots.

The video and short movie debut this Monday.

Haley Reinhart announces engagement to Drew Dolan

Today Haley Reinhart announced her engagement on Istagram to long time partner, Drew Dolan, on his Birthday.

The couple have been together since meeting at a wedding of mutual friends around 2015. Drew, a fellow LA musician, also has family in the Chicago area near Wheeling, Illinois, where Haley grew up. The couple had recently moved into a house with their two dogs, Tuf and Pepper. Haley and Drew often go out on wilderness hikes together as well as attend red carpet events as an item.

Haliens and #TeamHaleyFans wish Haley and Drew the best for their future together, Congratulations!

Haley Reinhart #OffTheGroundTour guitarist, Balam Garcia, asks for fans’ help to recover priceless guitars taken from the band’s tour van in Iowa City

UPDATE EDIT: Miracles do happen, Balam posted this morning that the stolen items recovered via a response to a Lost and Found post on Craigslist. The Anonymous tip provided an address and location and stolen properties were recovered

(original post September 15)

“The trailer to our van got broken into in #iowacity today and someone stole two of my guitars and my backpack with my Green Card (yes I’m an immigrant) and my Mexican passport. It’s a blue and black backpack. They also stole our tour manager’s backpack which is red and black (had his passport in there too) . Both guitars were in black hard cases. If anyone has any leads please message or call me! I really appreciate everyone who has reached out and shared my story so far ❤️ praying these things make their way back to us 🙏🙏🙏”

Balam described the two guitars stolen from the van in an instagram post:

In her Instagram story, Haley Reinhart revealed that more than the guitars were taken in the theft

Unknown if the items were insured but as Balam said in his Instagram post about the lost guitars, “This guitar is a part of me and I’m truly devastated that it got stolen.” Added Lo-Fi Soul Tour Bassist about the guitars lost, Zephyr Avalon,

“This one especially hurts to hear about…Very sentimental”

Distinct looking guitars, if you see them please contact the Iowa City Police, any tips are appreciated.

Haley Reinhart Kicks off her “Off The Ground” Midwest Tour in Minneapolis, celebrates her birthday in Aurora

Haley Reinhart was in full form as she kicked off her long awaited tour in support of her new EP, “Off The Ground” at the Fine Line in Minneapolis MN. It was clear how much returning to the stage and seeing so many friendly faces in the crowd meant so much to an artist who told the crowd she had to cancel 3 tours due to the 2020 pandemic, and she didn’t disappoint. Haley was in fine vocal form, switching from ferocious grit, to elevated vocal heights as she performed songs off her new EP, as well as old favorites from her debut album “Listen Up!” a couple from 2nd album “Better” and her recent 2019 album, “Lo-Fi Soul”, even debuting her cover of a “Screaming Jay” Hawkins classic.

Haley even surprised fans with her rendition of a Jimi Hendrix classic, which she got to sing with her Dad, Harry, at the 2nd show of the tour in Aurora Illinois, where Haley got a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday from her hometown crowd at the Piazza

HaleysTusk Youtube channel
Haley’s long time friends celebrate her birthday bringing a shot of tequila to the stage. When Harry asked “who told you girls you could drink?” Haley replied, “It’s tequila, it’s medicinal, it’s fine”

Haley’s next show is Barnato’s in Omaha Nebraska on the 11th of September.

Don’t miss out on seeing a once in a generation performer sing live. Check for dates and venues for the Midwest “Off The Ground” tour at Haley’s website https://www.haleyreinhart.com/events

Haley Reinhart reveals “Off The Ground” track list on the eve of the EP’s release

“Off the Ground” was originally slated for release in 2020, followed by a tour of Europe and the US to support Haley Reinhart’s latest music project, only to be derailed by a world wide pandemic. Two years later, the Anders Grahn/Tingsek produced Reinhart EP is ready to make it’s debut Friday, September 2, 2022.

In Haley’s latest Instagram, she highlights her Robert Rodriguez directed video for her EP’s title song, and reveals the the names of the seven songs that will be on the EP, including a duet with the one of the EP’s Swedish producers, Tingsek

“Off the Ground” available on all streaming services and digital music outlets, out this Friday

Haley also added a California date on her web site’s events Calendar for Yoshi’s in Oakland on October 26. Check back to see if any dates are added near you.