Haley Reinhart debuts her Robert Rodriguez directed ‘short film’ for Title song for her next EP “Off The Ground”

Filmed at Orbital Virtual Studio back in April, Haley enlisted “We Can Be Heroes” director Robert Rodriguez to helm her Joshua Shultz produce project Haley calls her first “Short Film”

Netflix has already green lighted a sequel to Robert Rodriguez hit movie, “We Can Be Heroes”. Expect to see Haley reprise her role as Ms Vox in the near future. Stay tuned for when the filming will begin, likely at Rodriguez studio, Los Hooligans Productions, in Austin, Texas

Haley Reinhart New Single “Off the Ground” drops October 29th, Netflix “F is For Family” Fifth Season drops this Thanksgiving

Netflix’ “F is For Family” lead writer, Michael Price, announces the date for the shows fifth and final season will drop this Thanksgiving. The show has hinted Haley could be singing twice during this season. Besides voicing middle child, Bill Murphy, Haley has also used her ‘singing’ voice now and again on the show, most notably the last episode of #FisForFamily’s debut season

Haley Reinhart and Postmodern Jukebox reunite for their first video in five years, covering No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak”

In 2014 Scott Bradlee of Postmodern Jukebox invited Haley Reinhart to join his fledgling internet Jazz collective. Haley would soon join PMJ on their 2015 tour of Europe, Haley’s first professional tour after touring for American Idol in 2011. During that tour, Haley and PMJ would fatefully record a couple videos in a Zurich studio in Switzerland that would forever change the course of their lives. Since Haley and PMJ first recorded “Creep” and “All About That Bass”, they collaborated six more times, an impressive eight times, many of the videos among PMJ’s most viewed and celebrated videos.

Fast Forward five years and Haley and PMJ have reunited once again for their Ninth collaboration, an epic arrangement, a cover of No Doubt classic “Don’t Speak” from their break out album “Tragic Kingdom” 25 years ago

Stream and purchase #DontSpeak on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music

Haley Reinhart drops new single #RollTheDice from her upcoming EP accompanied by a new Joshua Shultz music video

Haley Reinhart debuts the lead single from her upcoming EP. “Roll The Dice” is produced by Swedish Producers Tingsek, whom Haley collaborated with earlier in the year on “Looking at You” for his album, “Home”, and her friend, frequent co-writer and tour lead guitarist, Anders Grahn.

Haley reached out to another frequent collaborator, LA Based, Joshua Shultz, to co-direct the video with Haley. Set in Las Vegas, eagle eyed watchers of the video might also spot American Idol Season 6 finalist, Blake Lewis.

Especially ‘ear catching’ are Reinhart’s gliding vocals, the luscious production that includes a George Harrison-eque guitar solo and Reinhart’s use of the Hammond Organ throughout the piece speaks to a Beatles influence. Eagle eared listeners will also hear the occasional whispers underneath the lyrics (listen on headphones), one of many surprises hidden within the layers of a masterfully constructed, tasty appetizer for Reinhart’s upcoming EP due out later this year

Roll the Dice is now available to purchase on iTunes or Amazon Music and streamed on Spotify and all streaming services

“Roll The Dice” music video

Directed by: Joshua Shultz & Haley Reinhart

Editor & colorist: Joshua Shultz & Haley Reinhart

Filmed at: Circa Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

Starring: Haley Reinhart, Ryan Bergeron (Snowbank), Jess Smyth (Biig Piig), Blake Lewis, Beverly Lawrence & Oliver Padilla

“F is For Family” Show Runner Mike Price reflects on Haley Reinhart on her final day recording ADR for the show’s 5th and Final Season

Rarely do Netflix projects get more than two seasons, “F is For Family” managed five seasons and Netflix allowed the show runners the ability to close this beloved series their way.

One door closes, another opens, perhaps to a new franchise as Movie Director, Robert Rodriguez, has announced there will be a sequel to his record breaking Netflix Super Hero Movie, “We Can Be Heroes” in which Haley Reinhart played the part of the Heroic, “Ms Vox” a Super Hero whose power is the manipulation of soundwaves through her singing.

Haley Reinhart announces new Merch on the eve of her newest Single’s release #RollTheDice.

Haley Reinhart announced new merch will be available on her online store. The hoodie and T-Shirts are themed after her newest single release for her upcoming EP, “Roll The Dice” dropping this Friday

Haley Reinhart announces date for NEW single, “Roll the Dice” 8/27

Haley just announced the date for her latest release, “Roll the Dice” coming out August 27 with a link to pre-save on her Instagram.

Also expect a video to accompany the new single, video’d in Las Vegas a few weeks ago

Listen to a preview of the song, third item on Haley’s latest Instagram post:

Haley Reinhart posts “Sneak Peek” for single for her upcoming EP, upcoming shows with Dave Damiani

Haley Reinhart has been dropping hints for songs and videos she’s been working on for her upcoming EP.

Originally slated for a 2021 release, production of Haley’s next project has been slowed down by the Pandemic as the EP’s producers, Anders Grahn and Tingsek haven’t been able to travel to the US, having to communicate through the internet. Haley has kept herself busy working on at least two if not three videos to support the upcoming project.

Activity has been ramping up recently as Haley has posted hints in her Instagram Stories, and Instagram Reels to give fans a taste of what’s to come. Check out Haley’s Instagram channel for more updates for her EP

Haley sang on Tingsek’s new LP, “Home” on a duet called “Looking at You” available to listen to on Spotify and Youtube, or purchase on iTunes or Amazon Music

Haley will be appearing with Dave Damiani in upcoming shows this August in LA and Wisconsin. They will be in Los Angeles at the Catalina Jazz Club on August 20th and at two Free shows in Wisconsin, Oshkosh on August 28th and Kenosha on August 29th.

Haley Reinhart releases David Bowie cover single “Heroes” from Netflix’ new movie “We Can Be Heroes”

As the “Heroic” Ms Vox, Haley Reinhart sings Bowie’s iconic song in the new Robert Rodriguez Netflix movie #WeCanBeHeroes duetting with her daughter A Cappella (Lotus Blossom) during the show’s climax. Haley’s acting debut came about because Rodriguez’ daughter, Rhiannon, was a fan of Haley’s so he reached out to see if she was interested in the part. In an instagram post, Haley talks about how getting the opportunity to sing the Bowie classic came to be:

“Fun fact: The incomparable Robert Rodriguez contacted me to be in his amazing film and gave me the opportunity to think of a song that I could sing a few a cappella lines to… I was driving, immediately pulled over on the side of the road, and sang a ballad version of Bowie’s iconic, “Heroes” into my voice memos… Robert went ahead and built an entire scene around it!!! I’m so grateful for youΒ @rodriguez, your imagination, and trust in the creative process.”

“We Can Be Heroes” was number 1 for over a week contributing to the streaming service’s best holiday week, prompting Netflix to make the decision to red light a sequel

Haley’s cover of “Heroes” is available to stream on Spotify, or purchase on iTunes & Amazon Music

Haley Reinhart makes her screen debut on Christmas Day in Netflix’ Robert Rodriguez “We Can Be Heroes”

Haley finally scores her first big acting gig, and it’s not a cameo. Not only is Haley in some action scenes as “Heroic” Ms Vox, we’ll also get to hear Haley do what she does best, sing.

Haley gave a hint of goings on in Austin on her social media, August 20, 2019. Two days later, Haley tweeted a surprise announcement

In an interview for Cryptic Rock, Haley talked about how the role came about

Haley Reinhart – I just landed my first lil role in a Robert Rodriguez film! I’ve always wanted to act and I’ve been putting it out into the universe since I was young… Besides being in plays and musicals growing up, creating my music videos has been my closest experience to acting and I want more! Robert and his lovely daughter Rhiannon are recent fans of my tunes and reached out to me to be in his next kids action movie called We Can Be Heroes. Stay tuned!”

Some photos from the project

Fun Fact: Haley also contributed in other ways to the movie. In the end credits, Haley is credited as the singing voice for her daughter “A Capella” as well as contributing a portion of the songs “Heroes”, “Don’t Speak” & “Chariots of Fire”

Watch “We Can Be Heroes” now on Netflix.