Haley Reinhart’s first Christmas release was way back in 2011 when she joined fellow Idol alum, Casey Abrams, to sing the holiday classic, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.  Since then word of a Reinhart family Christmas album produced many years ago by her family featuring each member of Haley’s family started fans hoping Haley might release an official Christmas Album?

In 2015, Haley joined the Voice Cast for Netflix’ “F is For Family”, a Bill Burr/Michael Price animated show based on Burr’s childhood.  Haley voiced the main character, “Bill Murphy”, the animation version of Bill Burr in his youth.  Fans were pleasantly surprised to hear Haley’s actual voice sing a few verses of “Oh Holy Night” in the final episode 6 of FiFF’s first season, “O Holy Moly Night”.  Unfortunately, show creator, Mike Price, told fans there was no full version, they recorded what they needed for the episode.

Fast Forward to 2019, Band leader, Dave Damiani in an interview with radio host/celebrity/comedian Joe Piscopo, revealed that he had helped Haley produce some Christmas songs for Haley’s newly minted Reinhart Records.  Then an announcement that Haley would be appearing with Dave Damiani on December 6th at the Levoy Theater in New Jersey to sing some Christmas songs.  A week later, Haley would release her first Christmas Single, “Santa Baby”, then this week, Haley announced she would be releasing another new Christmas single, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” on November 9th.  “Santa Baby” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” will be available to stream on Spotify, or for purchase on iTunes.  A Happy Holiday for Haliens, indeed!


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