Something to tide #Haliens over until release of Haley’s new EP in 2021, Haley announces the release date for her newest cover, the Beatles classic from their “Revolver” album, “Good Day, Sunshine.”

During a meet & greet from Haley’s recent streaming show at the Whisky a Go-Go, Haley said of the upcoming EP will be covers and originals and produced by her frequent writing partner, Anders Grahn and his friend Swedish producer, Tingsek. Originally slated to drop in 2020, it was decided to re-set the release date to 2021 as Anders and Tingsek are in Sweden which means the process has been affected by the global pandemic.

During the meet & greet, Haley said she has seen the Robert Rodriguez Netflix Superhero movie “We Can Be Heroes” and it too will be pushed to 2021 instead of it’s original October 2020 release. Haley got a role in the Rodriguez movie partly due to one of his children was a fan of Haley’s music. His son is doing the soundtrack for the movie, Haley didn’t say whether she would be on it or not. Rodriguez and his children saw Haley perform at the Mercury Lounge last October on her Lo-Fi Soul Tour. She expressed a hope one day she might be able to talk Rodriguez into collaborating on a project.

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