Haley Reinhart debuts the lead single from her upcoming EP. “Roll The Dice” is produced by Swedish Producers Tingsek, whom Haley collaborated with earlier in the year on “Looking at You” for his album, “Home”, and her friend, frequent co-writer and tour lead guitarist, Anders Grahn.

Haley reached out to another frequent collaborator, LA Based, Joshua Shultz, to co-direct the video with Haley. Set in Las Vegas, eagle eyed watchers of the video might also spot American Idol Season 6 finalist, Blake Lewis.

Especially ‘ear catching’ are Reinhart’s gliding vocals, the luscious production that includes a George Harrison-eque guitar solo and Reinhart’s use of the Hammond Organ throughout the piece speaks to a Beatles influence. Eagle eared listeners will also hear the occasional whispers underneath the lyrics (listen on headphones), one of many surprises hidden within the layers of a masterfully constructed, tasty appetizer for Reinhart’s upcoming EP due out later this year

Roll the Dice is now available to purchase on iTunes or Amazon Music and streamed on Spotify and all streaming services

“Roll The Dice” music video

Directed by: Joshua Shultz & Haley Reinhart

Editor & colorist: Joshua Shultz & Haley Reinhart

Filmed at: Circa Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

Starring: Haley Reinhart, Ryan Bergeron (Snowbank), Jess Smyth (Biig Piig), Blake Lewis, Beverly Lawrence & Oliver Padilla

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