Haley Reinhart kicks off her 2023 Tour season in Phoenix, this Sunday, February 19 at the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum). Haley loved the addition of horns to her band for her show at the Troubadour that she announced her touring band will also be carrying a small brass section. The tour has added shows in New Hampshire, New Jersey, Connecticut & New York, check haleyreinhart.com/events to see if they’ve added a venue near you

A nice surprise greeted #Halien Superbowl watchers as they heard Haley Reinhart’s cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” play on an ad during the Big Game . The ad features a grandmother trying to teach her newborn grandchild how to sign “Grandma”, reacting with glee when her grandchild returns her gesture. The tag line, “It’s never too early to learn Love”. Haley’s Elvis cover began as a 2015 Wrigley’s ad campaign that eventually won several Clio in advertising, forced radio play and eventually earned Haley her first Gold/Platinum single. It seems there is life after the award winning gum commercial ‘that makes you cry’. Congrats Haley!


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