Haley Reinhart’s “Creep” Cover is Climbing the Charts

Postmodern Jukebox’s “Creep” cover featuring Haley Reinhart is currently at 2,336,375 views in just nine days on YouTube.

That alone is a whole lot to be proud of! But, the song itself is going far beyond just those views.

The song has been #1 on the iTunes Jazz charts for a whole week now:

The video reached the #1 trend on Facebook:

The song reached the #1 overall spot on the Mongolia iTunes charts:

Currently #1 on the Jazz Digital Songs Billboard chart:

Currently #1 “best seller” on Amazon Jazz digital music:

It’s currently #117 and climbing on the overall iTunes chart:

The song is also currently #1 on the UK iTunes Jazz charts.

The video has been recognized and shared by a number of notable websites:

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Watch Haley Reinhart’s “Creep” Cover on the PMJ Tour

Photo Credit: Luke Telling

Right now, Haley is traveling all over Europe with Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox, who will be wrapping things up soon with their tour (sadly) ending on March 22nd.

One big highlight of the whole tour so far is their recently added song to the lineup, “Creep” by Radiohead performed by the one and only Haley Reinhart of course.

For a second, you’d think you’re watching Haley back on American Idol again, doing her own rendition of a well known song, and absolutely slaying it. But not anymore! It’s just Haley, up on stage, in a dark room full of people, no judging, just pure mesmerization by her voice and talent.

You DON’T want to miss this. Check out this video from their show in Lyon, France: