Oops!.. They did it again. Scott Bradlee, the creator and mastermind behind Postmodern Jukebox and Haley Reinhart have brought us another incredible jazz cover of one of the world’s biggest pop stars Britney Spears’ biggest hit from the early 2000’s.

Don’t waste any time, watch the video now and embrace the incredible vocals Haley gave us this time around. Not to mention, it’s probably the sexiest video Haley and Postmodern Jukebox have done thus far.

Don’t forget to buy the song on iTunes so you can listen to it whenever you want!


2 thoughts on “Haley Reinhart Covers Britney Spears in New PMJ Video

  1. Can someone clear up my confusion about who Hailey is touring with. It looks like she is colaborating with a number of different artist. I’m mostly interested in knowing if she is touring with Post Modern Jukebox? They are coming to San Diego in Dec. and I want to see them if Hailey is going to be with them.

    1. Haley is not touring with anyone at the moment. Random shows pop up and she’s opening for a band tonight, but it’s just one show. As for Postmodern Jukebox, Haley nor PMJ have confirmed whether or not she’ll be touring with them. Haley joined them for about 15 dates or so on their last tour but that’s it. She has her own music coming out in a few months and I doubt she’ll tour with PMJ for their whole tour, but perhaps a few dates here and there that work out for her. The second I know confirmed dates she’ll make an appearance at I’ll post them on here.

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