It is officially September 9th in Melbourne, Australia where Haley is currently at, on tour with Postmodern Jukebox.

We get to celebrate Haley’s birthday a day early here in the United States!

Haliens from across the globe came together to create this special video for Haley to watch on her 25th birthday! It’s been an awesome year and she has gained many new fans. If you have 16 & a half minutes to spare, please watch this video and enjoy:

3 thoughts on “25 and BETTER Than Ever!

  1. Thrilled that the Postmodern Jukebox stars, Casey & Haley’s Family are included in this wonderful Birthday tribute this year Rachel!!

  2. By Cloves I think she’s got it. Nicely done! Especially love the dude on the thumbnail. 😉 Haley gonna love it fo sho.

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