Photo Credit for all photos: Alex Siordian For iHeartRadio

Haley Reinhart stopped by Scottsdale, Arizona on February 19th during her radio promo tour for her rising single, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” to open Mix 96.9’s Annual Broken Hearts Ball.

Haley was among artists Zella Day, Justin from the band Blue October, and Andy Grammer playing this event in Scottsdale.



Quote from blog  My Emu is Emo:

“Reinhart had only to open her mouth to sing, and all gobs were smacked. Her voice is seduction in every honeyed note, and she’s so endlessly capable with it that it’s magic. Her setlist included an Otis Redding cover, several jazzy songs from her upcoming record, and the aforementioned “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” at which point the audience obediently falls at her feet, whimpering adoration.”


Read “5 Times Haley Reinhart SLAYED Our Broken Hearts Ball” on Mix 96.9’s website!


Haley with Andy Grammer

Justin from Blue October posted on Instagram:

“Tonight I had the pleasure of witnessing one of the most talented vocalists alive. Miss @haleyreinhart blew us away tonight. If you aren’t following this young lady you are truly missing out on what heart and soul is supposed to sound like. It was an honor and a pleasure to meet and listen to you.”12729411_1018670861504966_989460404_n


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