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Feeling better now?

Released exclusively on yesterday, Haley Reinhart’s “Better” music video has finally made it’s debut.

Haley tells Billboard:

 “I took it to the rooftops with a live band, brought in my personal wardrobe and continued the floral theme — as seen in the album artwork,” Reinhart told Billboard for the video’s exclusive premiere. “Casey Curry [photographer & film director] really helped bring my vision to life. I wanted it to be simple, sexy, playful and real. Forget the bells and whistles! I feel the vibe, the music and the personality should shine through & speak for itself.”

It’s funky, fun, and just so very Haley.

Haley’s new album “Better” will be out tomorrow, 4/29! Get the album here.

2 thoughts on “Watch Haley Reinhart’s Funky New Music Video for her Single “Better”

  1. Very nicely done Haley & Team! Might be the best of the music video set she has of Interscope’s “Free” The Indiegogo-funded “Show Me Your Moves” and now her self-produced + Casey Curry’s “Better” !!

  2. Beautiful. I Luv It and I Must say the clarity in Better compared to The Listen LP is so different , BETTER !!! , although I luv that LP still., But back to the Video. I cant even say How Great it is, It is so cute sexy funky cool..what else could a video need. Luv all the Videos But this is My Fav,

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