It’s here!

Haley Reinhart’s highly anticipated brand new single “Last Kiss Goodbye” is available everywhere now! Buy, stream, and download the Bossa nova inspired song here.

In addition to the summer song’s release, prepare yourself for a breezy romantic stroll through Southern California’s very own Venice Beach in the music video below:

Haley is set to release her sophomore album under Concord Records later on this year.

2 thoughts on “Haley Reinhart Drops Dreamy Music Video for New Single “Last Kiss Goodbye”

  1. Oooo K. I don’t know who makes the choices for song selections and videos but here’s the question. What are we selling? What sells Adelle? Her vocals. Haley can sing anything. Her range and pitch are the best . Her strength is jazz. Her video with the Dave D. Band was awesome. You could tell the band members were amazed. I can’t be the only one who is waiting for a great album that shows what she is capable of. We know she’s cute and sexy. Show the world you are the best singer.

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