As the “Heroic” Ms Vox, Haley Reinhart sings Bowie’s iconic song in the new Robert Rodriguez Netflix movie #WeCanBeHeroes duetting with her daughter A Cappella (Lotus Blossom) during the show’s climax. Haley’s acting debut came about because Rodriguez’ daughter, Rhiannon, was a fan of Haley’s so he reached out to see if she was interested in the part. In an instagram post, Haley talks about how getting the opportunity to sing the Bowie classic came to be:

“Fun fact: The incomparable Robert Rodriguez contacted me to be in his amazing film and gave me the opportunity to think of a song that I could sing a few a cappella lines to… I was driving, immediately pulled over on the side of the road, and sang a ballad version of Bowie’s iconic, “Heroes” into my voice memos… Robert went ahead and built an entire scene around it!!! I’m so grateful for you @rodriguez, your imagination, and trust in the creative process.”

“We Can Be Heroes” was number 1 for over a week contributing to the streaming service’s best holiday week, prompting Netflix to make the decision to red light a sequel

Haley’s cover of “Heroes” is available to stream on Spotify, or purchase on iTunes & Amazon Music

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