Haley was in attendance of the American Idol Season 13 finale this past week. She was there with her trusty sidekick Casey Abrams, and they were both spotted on TV a few times throughout the show dancing, singing along, and having a great time in the audience! (We love seeing Caley on our TV’s!)

There were multiple red carpet interviews that Haley had done, but one in particular she spoke out on some new details about her upcoming music video for her new song “Show Me Your Moves” that she finished funding on Indiegogo.com last month.

This is what we know about the music video so far: It is going to start being filmed this Tuesday, May 27th somewhere near Los Angeles. Haley described the theme of the video, which is going to involve her being an alien of some sort, coming down to earth, challenging us humans to show her our moves. She said there are going to be a lot of talented people in this music video showing off their moves (dancing, aerobatics, etc.).

Watch more from this red carpet interview with HollywireTV:

Haley looked gorgeous as always, here are some photos from the event:


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