Listen To “Love Not War” Featuring Haley Reinhart

A song titled “Love Not War” featuring Haley Reinhart was recently found by a Halien on Scotty Hills’ Soundcloud profile. Turns out the song has been on there for over 5 months! The song was written by Scotty Hills, Haley Reinhart, and Augie Ray.

There were a few questions at first, such as: “Were we supposed to find this?”, “Is it a song leak?”, “Why does it say featuring Haley Reinhart?”…etc.

Scotty Hills had noticed the recent spike in play counts (over 700 plays in just one day). He then took it upon himself to tweet some of us who were talking about the song on Twitter and cleared up some things for us:

This is NOT an official release. Scotty said that there in Canada, if the song gets 1000 plays, they get about 10 cents. He then said that the song was only up for his songwriting and production profile. He also had said that technically him and Haley both sing on the song, but that he likes Haley’s voice better than his own.

Lastly, he tweeted: “Cool, and thank you. Keep listening and sharing…maybe we’ll do a release and bring it from the graveyard

So give this awesome song a listen! The lyrics are amazing, and so is the message behind them. Haley’s voice sounds absolutely fantastic on the track. Make sure you keep pressing play and listening to it on his Soundcloud profile as often as you can, and share it with your friends! (The track has since then been deleted. But, someone put it on YouTube if you’d still like to have a listen)


About Haley Reinhart News

Hello! My name is Rachel, I am 24 years old, and I am here to bring you all of Haley Reinhart's most recent news & updates. Thank you all so much for reading.
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3 Responses to Listen To “Love Not War” Featuring Haley Reinhart

  1. Kevin Ellenberger says:

    thanks for posting. The sound cloud links on the Haley forum site wouldn’t work.
    I wounder how many other little gems are out there?

  2. She sounds amazing! Thanks for the post!

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