Finally! This is what we have all been waiting to hear! We now have an official release date for Haley’s upcoming music video for her new single “Show Me Your Moves”! Fans who contributed to her Indiegogo campaign which made the music video possible received an E-mail today with a free download of the song!

Haley also verified that the music video AND iTunes release for the song is Wednesday, July 30th!

The song sounds amazing, funky, and totally Haleyfied. For those who didn’t donate to her campaign on Indiegogo, you will be able to buy the song on iTunes the same day the music video drops.

-Perk Update-

Haley had also mentioned in the E-mail that all of the hand written lyrics and signed Listen Up! CD’s have been mailed out, for those who donated to receive those perks. Also, Haley tells those who had chosen to receive the “Social Media Shout Out” perk to please send a comment and specify what your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram name is, so that she can give a you a big ol’ thank you!

What a pleasant surprise to receive this afternoon. Start your countdown!


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