Our favorite duo is returning to their favorite little intimate venue, the Room 5 Lounge in Hollywood, California on Friday August 29th 2014. Also joining Haley and Casey is Jackie Tohn, who was a top 24 finalist on American Idol Season 8.

Haley and Casey both have promoted this show on their social networking sites. When these two team up, it’s always magic! It sometimes make you wonder if they were meant to be a duo permanently! (I love them solo just as much, though).

So, if you are in or around the LA area, try not to miss this show! Haley and Casey played at the same venue last June along with Mark Ballas and Dylan Chambers and it was a packed house! It will be interesting to see how this show goes, now that Jackie Tohn is also going to be joining them.

They go on at 10pm! Tickets are $15 at the door, or you can purchase them online at Room 5’s website here!

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