If you haven’t heard the amazing news already, Haley Reinhart is back in the studio recording her third full length studio album! It hasn’t even been a year since the release of “Better”, Haley’s second album, and new music is already on the horizon! There hasn’t been any official announcement about this album being backed by a record label, yet. What we do know is that many great award winning composers, producers, and musicians have come together to create this new album, which for now we will call “HR3” until Haley confirms the official title.

Here are all the details we’ve been able to find thus far about HR3:

“Happy to have spent 4 days with the incredible talents that are @haleyreinhart & @rob_kleiner – resulting in 4 new songs that we’re super proud of! Can’t wait to get this out there!” via grahna on Instagram
“Gettin groovy writing in the legendary Studio 3 at @eastweststudios with @rob_kleiner & @fancyhagoodofficial… Where The Beach Boys, The Mama’s & The Papa’s, America, Blondie, Donna Summers, Stevie Knicks, Dolly Parton, The Stones, & SO many more have recorded!!!” via haleyreinhart on Instagram
“WHAT’S THAT SOUND? My Dad & me currently recording my third studio album……Stay tuned!!!” via haleyreinhart on Instagram
“Stopped by the studio to play some piano on @haleyreinhart‘s new record! Her new stuff is sounding great!” via scottbradlee on Instagram
“Recording with the immensely talented Haley Reinhart (American Idol) at legendary Sunset Sound in Hollywood. Grammy award winner John Burk at the helm for Concord Records, and a big fat back beat rhythm section- Mike Merritt & Mike Shapiro. Watch for this CD in May! It’s super hip!” via Martin Guigui on Facebook
“Just finished tracking for Haley Reinhart’s new record at Sunset Sound, with her dad Harry on guitar. Great talent!” via @forestringer on Twitter
“Just finished 5 solid days of recording with amazing musicians and special souls indeed! Overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement…!!! I can’t wait to put it all together and get it out to you guys. Thank you @sunsetsoundrecorders” via haleyreinhart on Instagram
“And she’s buying a stairway, to heaven. Currently tightening up my new record… Can’t wait to tell ya’s allllllll about it!” via haleyreinhart on Instagram
“Approaching 2nd full day of background vocals on this lady’s record. Great times being back with some of the crew. European Tour soon.” via Ray Moore on Facebook
“Good times making magic” via mooreray on Instagram
“Recording @haleyreinhart next album! Got the legendary Tom Scott arranging & playing in the section with us! ” via jsayswho on Instagram
“Making music is a joy when working with the right people! I had such a great time arranging music with @haleyreinhart , @cathgrealish and John Burk. Working with members of @postmodern_jukebox , Mark Cargill and his ensemble, and Tom Scott was a real honor! Special thanks to @namicomposerand @bronsonbuskett” via therealjacquesb on Instagram

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