Haley Reinhart is hitting the road again this Fall in the United States for her What’s That Sound? tour!

This tour begins exactly one month after the release of Haley’s third studio album What’s That Sound?, which comes out September 22nd, 2017.

Tickets go on sale this Friday. There will also be a V.I.P. ticket option, which includes meet and greet.

Click here for more tour information.

2 thoughts on “Haley Reinhart Announces U.S. Fall Tour

  1. Why doesn’t Haley have shows in northern Nevada and California such as Reno Nv. South shore Lake Tahoe. It’s disappointing. I’d love to see her live. Been a fan since American idol.

  2. I have loved Haley sinced Idol days and have purchased every album she has made. But I just watched her new video and was disappointed at the blatant sexuality displayed. Steven Tyler was right, you can stand and sing and it is sexier than Lady Gaga ,Beyonce,and Jo Lo , all ass and no class. Look how many views Creep has gotten. Your talent sells and you are darling, please stay that way. Oh yeah I never cared for jazz until I heard you sing it. Please consider doing a cd of that style. Still lovin’ my girl Haley.

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