After the success of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” used in the Extra Gum commercial, it’s no surprise that Haley Reinhart was chosen once again to be the voice behind another story to be told.

In the new Walmart commercial titled “Good Times”, Haley covers “Time of my Life”, famously known from the movie Dirty Dancing.

Watch the full commercial below:

“Parents don’t save money for themselves. They save to make a better life for their littles. At Walmart, we’re proud to help all kinds of families save more so they can provide more good times for their kids. Save money. Live better.” -Walmart

There is also a shorter version of the same commercial, which you are more likely to see airing on TV. It features different vocals than the extended version. Listen below:

There has been no official word on whether or not the full song will be released.

17 thoughts on “Hear Haley Reinhart sing “Time of my Life” in New Walmart Commercial

  1. Haley Reinhart , fabulous, touching rendition of Time of Your Life. I hope you release the full version of the song! Congrats!

    1. Her voice sounds even better now than she did on American Idol. Please release full version for my playlist.

  2. please release a full version of haley singing this song. it’s more beautiful than i can say. i have just spent an hour trying to track down her version and there’s a big black hole. she simply must record this version in full!!!!! please (:

  3. Oh PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE release this for purchase! Haley’s voice is just stunning…what an absolutely gorgeous song.

  4. This version is beautiful, haunting, soulful and full of emotion. I’m absolutely in love with it. Like so many others, I’ve searched high and low how to purchase it to no avail. PLEASE release this song for purchase. It literally speaks to one’s soul.

  5. Please released the full song!!!! My husband and I are planning a surprise 50th anniversary for his grandparents in September and I’d LOVE to buy this song for the pictures I put together of their years together! It would fit perfectly :))))

  6. This would be a perfect song for my daughter’s senior year lyrical solo dance! Please release this soon since we are about to begin choreography!

  7. Hi, plzzz release the full version of this beautiful song. Harley sounds like an Angel. Every time I hear the commercial I cry because Harleys passion just pours out when she sings this song! Not to mention I have a great grand child who is only 2yrs old and whenever he has the commercial he stops whatever he is doing to listen to it he kind of gets like mesmerized ! So, plzzz Release it soon. Thank you and God bless.

  8. My brother is getting married in September and this would be the absolute perfect mother and son dance.

    Please release it for purchase!!

  9. Please, please, please, PLEASE release the full version of this song. One day, my son will get married. I must dance with him, at his wedding, to this song. It’s perfect. And beautiful. Please ❤️

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