It’s been seven years since Steven Tyler was a judge on Haley Reinhart’s season of American Idol. The two of them always seemed to have a special connection right from the start, and Steven always recognized Haley for her true talent.

Since Season 10 ended, Haley has kept in touch with Steven over the years. They both share the same lawyer, Dina LaPolt, and she recently attended his inaugural charity event called “Janie’s Fund”.

Now, Haley is set to open for Steven Tyler and the Loving Mary Band at Ribfest in Naperville, IL Saturday July 7th!

Click here for tickets!

One thought on “Haley Reinhart to open for Steven Tyler at Naperville’s Ribfest

  1. I listen to your live performance at Naperville, Can’t Find My Way Home, every time I think of dancing the WC Swing to the blues. Dylan Chambers style blends so very well with your voice. If you ever record an album aimed at the dance floor, I hope it is included.

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