Haley confirmed today on Twitter that she is finally starting the recording process for the songs that are going to be on her long awaited upcoming EP!


We’ve been hearing the words “EP” and “soon” for the last 2 years. It’s been a tough wait, but we can finally be excited knowing that Haley’s EP is indeed actually coming out, soon.

Haley has attended many song writing camps over the last few years and has written tons of new songs. She is choosing her favorites to record and we cannot wait to hear them! I spoke to Haley in October about how many songs she thinks the EP might have, and she said that she is hoping for at least 6 songs. 

There are some expected special guests for the EP, Casey Abrams’ band mate and friend Jacob Scesney is there to record some instrumentals. He expressed his excitement to be at the legendary studio on Instagram:


Haley’s dad Harry Reinhart will be there recording some guitar tracks as well. 

 Let’s start making some guesses on what the title of the EP is going to be!

One thought on “Haley Reinhart is Recording Her New EP!

  1. OK– EP title is “Love Is Worth Fighting For” and features the title track, “My Cake”, “Better”, two bluesy rockers TBD and “Black Velvet”. That is my wish list….!

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